Participatory Youth Survey

From 2003-2013, 14-25 year olds were stopped and questioned by police 2,635,882 times.

Almost 90% of them were innocent! (89.4%)

Results Coming Soon

Research findings & our white paper will be posted on this site by the end of 2015.

For inquiries in the meantime please contact Brett Stoudt and Caitlin Cahill directly using the form.

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    Brett Stoudt


    Public Science Project
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    Caitlin Cahill


    Pratt Institute
    200 Willoughby Avenue
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    Know-­your­‐rights fact:

    “You do NOT have to consent to a search of your clothes, your home or your possessions. Say politely, but loudly enough to hear, ‘I do not consent to this search.’ This can help if the police didn’t have a legal jusdficadon to search you and then try to use what they find against you in court.”

    – Communities United for Police Reform, Know Your Rights Pamphlet

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