Youth Speak Out

“Shut up you f#%$ing …

…is sadly one of the most common phrases we hear when being stopped, questioned, and frisked by NYPD officers.

We are totally silenced during these encounters in degrading and violent ways, yet we have not done anything to provoke this commonplace hostility.

Called a racial slur

Verbally sexually harassed

Experienced intimidation by police officer




We have a lot to say about how messed up policing is in the United States. Keep reading to hear our analysis and our actionable recommendations for different and balanced police and community relations.

Youth Writing

Broken Windows and the Promotion of Police Violence

Keeshan Harley, Youth Organizer/Researcher, Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn Months after the death of Eric Garner, all officers involved have yet to be held accountable. As I watch closely to all that is happening across the country in response to numerous cases, I reflect on my own interactions with the NYPD in my neighborhood of Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn. As a young black man who…

Zero Tolerance for Police Brutality

Adilka Pimentel, Organizer/Researcher, Bushwick, Brooklyn The deaths of Eric Garner and Ramarley Graham in New York, Mike Brown in Ferguson, and so many others across the country highlight that police brutality and the hyper-aggressive policing targeted at communities of color continue throughout our city and nation. Both issues are systemic, long-term problems that are but one example of how far…


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